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102kW solar panel system at Weldtite

Weldtite, a leading manufacturer of bike maintenance products, sought to reduce its carbon footprint and energy costs by installing a solar PV system. They approached us to design and install a system that would meet their energy needs and provide a reliable renewable energy source.

Our team installed a 102-kW solar PV system, consisting of 256 panels, on the roof of Weldtite's manufacturing facility. Due to the large installation size, we utilized a fall arrest system instead of scaffolding to ensure the safety of our team members during the installation process.

To ensure efficient energy conversion and distribution, we installed two 60 kW inverters as part of the system. The system is estimated to generate 91,000 kWh of energy per annum. It is expected to provide Weldtite with 57% of its annual energy consumption.

The solar PV system is expected to have a significant impact on Weldtite's carbon footprint, reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated of up to 56 tonnes per year, which demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and serves as an example for other companies looking to reduce their environmental impact and energy costs.

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